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My GMC app is Terrible

I HAD a 2020 GMC Terrain Denali and had the My GMC app for that vehicle, ALL was good, it would let me do EVERYTHING including adding apps allow to adjust Sirius radio settings ,EVERYTHING !! We traded that vehicle in on a 2023 GMC Yukon SLT and we h...

JWP by New Contributor II
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myGMC family sharing invite not working

brand new 2023 yukon denali and i must say this gmc app is terrible compared to other brands. It seems buggy and i can't get the family sharing invite emails to send to any email address. I must say for the price I am dissapointed. Comparable manufac...

myChevrolet App Issues

I have had the following issues with the myChevrolet app since an update back in February. These are all documented issues. When is Executive Escalations going to fix these? 1. "Vehicle Status" > "Fuel Efficiency" - Not working (Bogus number) - Can't...

ljschoepke by New Contributor III
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GM app login issues

The app is trash. I use for both my Cadillac and Camaro. I consistently logs me out and I have to login every time I use it. And the watch app is garbage too. It hardly ever works. Constantly telling me to login and never gives feedback to when the v...

rspitler by New Contributor
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Smart Charge NY

Utility programs like Smart Charge NY will increasingly rely on API to track charging and provide incentives. With the sunsetting of OnStar, all older GM EVs relying on 2G and 3G are not or will soon not be usable for such programs, including my 2014...

App not connected to ONSTAR services

Hello, I recently purchased a 2022 GMC Sierra with the new infotainment system. In 3 short weeks my truck ate throw 3GB, I called ONSTAR for support and they blamed me. Apparently, my phone used all my data. The first girl said they have tools to fig...

MyChevrolet app: services not available

Hi,It's been a few weeks now that I can't see my charging status. I log in to Chevrolet app. Then I click "Vehicle status" button. The next screen says:Service is not currently available. Service will resume shortly.I have an active onstar "connected...

Kk by Visitor
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Technical Support

Just purchased BOLT EV. I ma having a terrible experience with the customer service. Have been trying to figure out setup for delayed charging, so called. It is a nightmare. Several (4) transfers, and still they couldn't connect me with the competent...

SR by Visitor
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OnStar Service and myChevrolet App

I have just cancelled our OnStar service and Data service for both of our Chevrolet vehicles. The primary reason is VERY POOR customer service and technical support for the "myChevorlet" app. I have had documented and confirmed issues for MONTHS and ...

ljschoepke by New Contributor III
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How do I set up my vehicle’s mobile app?

Follow these important steps to properly activate your myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC or myCadillac mobile app. Make sure your vehicle and mobile device are compatible with the app. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Have your username ...

Onstar My Chevy App

After a whole month with my trial offer on my new car...The Chevy App is still not fixed...showing a multitude of errors on my car (but none on the dash) Many hours on the phone, in the car, installing uninstalling starting the car, closing the door ...

Maggie by New Contributor
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myGMC app not showing correct status information..

Bought this used 19 Terrain 2 weeks ago, on delivery OnStar couldn't activate my system, they assured me it was on their end not mine. It would take 24 to 48 hours to rectify. 48 hours later I call to find out what is going on and no one knows about ...

bucko21 by New Contributor
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myChevrolet App: 'Vehicle Status' and 'Widget' Issues

I currently have 2 vehicles that I use with the myChevrolet app. A 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and a 2019 Chevrolet Equinox. I currently have the following 3 issues with both vehicles:1. "Vehicle Status" > "Fuel Efficiency" - Not working - No selection f...

ljschoepke by New Contributor III
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