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myBuick Vehicle Status Unavailable

New Contributor II

2015 Buick Enclave - myBuick Version 6.22.2 (4316)

Vehicle Status has been unavailable for about 3 weeks. Keeps saying "Unable to Connect" and 'There was an issue connecting". I can remote start and lock/unlock my vehicle.

The app will locate the vehicle on the Map, however, I am not receiving any Location Alerts on my phone - Notify Me is on. 

I have deleted the cache, deleted data, logged out, and uninstalled / reinstalled the app multiple times with the same results. 


New Contributor II

same here, just bought a 2020 Buick Encore- mybuick app mostly works, I can remote start/lock/unlock/ flash the lights, etc, sometimes i have to try 2 or 3 times.

But keep getting the same messages- unable to connect, try again later, etc for vehicle status. (tire pressure, fuel level, etc. Same for ONstar smart driver- no information appears, just says "when we have more information, your trip stats will appear here."

Email to has not been replied to yet, been over a week....

edited to add- started a chat with an onstar rep, they started a case. They did suggest  a process to power cycle the encore to try to force the the vehicle data to be collected but it didn't work. I may try again, they said 3 -5 business days before the internal technical team can look into it....

We do appreciate these updates. Please do not hesitate to reconnect with us via email if you do not hear back from our internal Technical Team, and you still need assistance. We are here to help to the best of our abilities. 

New Contributor II

Thank you, have a case going with the internal tech team, they called twice on Friday 2/9 but I was unable to take the calls due to work schedule. Hopefully they will call back Monday 2/11.


Just wanted to add- my symptoms sound exactly like the person originating the thread. I can also find my car on the map but location alerts do not work.

New Contributor II

Update: My wife invited me to her family group for her 2019 Buick Encore. I couldn't add her vehicle via the MyBuick App - I kept getting "System Error. Try again later". Logging into my account at via a desktop computer, I was able to complete the invite. The Encore appears in MyBuick - including current vehicle status data.

Checked my 2015 Enclave in the app and I'm still getting "Vehicle Status Unavailable". 

In the app, tapping on my initials in the top right, then Manage Account, then Account, then Family Sharing, it states under my name in "Account Owner" that I have "No Assets". That isn't right. If I Tap my initials and then tap on Family Sharing, it doesn't even list my 2015 Enclave as a Family Group.

Accessing Family Sharing via, it does list the 2015 Enclave under my name in Account Owner. 

It's clear that my 2015 Enclave is not fully connected with the myBuick app. 

New Contributor II

Another Update: Still getting the "Vehicle Status Unavailable" message for my 2015 Enclave. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app one more time because I was getting "Unable to detect Internet Connection" messages.

Under Family Sharing for the 2015 Enclave it continues to indicate "No Assets" under my name. 

Completely frustrating. 

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A bit of an update- in addition to my problems with vehicle status, I hadn't realized that the wifi hotspot isn't working- my phone doesn't see it as available. In the app, it is showing as enabled. If I try to edit the SSID and password in the app, it won't change, it just reverts back to what was already there. 

Edited to add: the SSID on the display doesnt match what the app says- "Wi Fi Hotspot 8147"  in car display, app says "Wi Fi Hotspot 8". Trying to edit ssid in the app, it won't allow that many characters- WTF is going on here??

New Contributor

My app also hasn't been able to update vehicle status for WEEKS. I deleted app, reloaded, tried without WiFi. It doesn't work. This is an important safety feature for me, and I am hopeful the team gets the app working correctly asap. 

We know how important it is for your app to provide you the information you need, Anna. Could you please email us at with "ATTN: OS Community/Anna" in the subject line so we can learn more and help however we can?

New Contributor II

Still not working, I called an advisor, they supposedly escalated the case. But no response from support like there was supposed to be, "3 to 5 business days". 

If you have the same problems I have with vehicle status, do you also have issues with the wifi hotspot? Phone doesn't see the wifi.  In both the app and online account, ( cannot edit the SSID or password. After saving, it reverts to the previous values. I don't know if it's an app issue or vehicle hardware issue, or both.

Losing faith in OnStar at this point.