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Trips Didn't Get Recorded

App: myChevrolet - Version 6.8.0 (4175)

There are 2 trips missing for our 2023 Trailblazer. (More > Chevrolet Smart Driver)

When: 21-May-2023 Between 3 and 5 PM CDT
This has happened previously.  Is this a known issue?

New Contributor

This happens to mine all the time, too. I made sure the truck is logged into my account. I always use the same driver Key and the same driver profile on the truck, and still, it's pretty often that trips don't get logged.  Glad to hear at least it's not just me having this issue.  Hopefully, they have a fix in the next software update

We would be happy to troubleshoot your mobile app concerns further. Please send us an email to with "OnStar Community/Central Vapors" in the subject line so we can best assist.