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MyChevrolet App (Android) - Favorites disabling radio

New Contributor

App version 6.15.1 (4255) connected to 2022 Colorado Z71. All radio presets (24 total) originally set using app 13 months ago.  After last app update end of August, I recently added 1 channel through app (media/favorites) and used slider to position in middle of presets.  Next time I started my truck, radio was essentially gone- did not respond to touch screen, steering wheel controls or voice commands.  Dealer was at a loss after hard reboot (battery cable disconnect) and vehicle showed zero error codes. 

Realizing only change had been made using app, I went to app and deleted all presets, noting that unassigned slots no longer said "no favorites set", but now said "out of range." Started truck and after loading my profile radio came back to life.  Set two favorites in the app, and they came through fine on next start up.  Later added back the remaining 23 favorites, and next time I started truck radio dead again.  On infotainment screen, switched to 'Guest' profile - radio worked again.  Deleted all favorites in app again, checked again and after updating profile radio back to life. 

This time I set favorites directly through infotainment screen. Still working, but in app it's only showing the first 4 favorites, the other 21 programmed (and the 15 unused) all show 'no favorite set'. 

Tldr; you're latest app update was not ready for release. Do better. 



*DWhite -This is very similar to the issue I have with my 2019 Equinox.  I added my account to the Equinox about 6 months ago.  I cannot add more than 3 Favorites either via the app or in the vehicle where the radio will not work the same way yours does when I add the 4th Favorite.  I have to delete all the favorites in the vehicle for the radio to work again.  My issue is in OnStar's Executive Escalations department.  They still have not been able to fix this so far.


We truly appreciate you bringing this situation to our attention. Can you please send our team an email to with ATTN: OnStar Community/DWhite in the subject headline? We would like to take a further look into things on our end and assist to the best of our abilities.