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My Chevrolet app Véhicule Status not working

New Contributor

I have had issues with the Véhicule Status since I got my Chevy Volt 2017, sometimes it won’t work and other time it will. 

I sometimes get error message “Please turn on your véhicule to reconnect and try again. For help, contact OnStar Support”.  After I use the car it will fix itself and work normally. 

However for the last few weeks it won’t work unless I turn on the car, I no longer receive charge completion notifications nor location alerts when the car is turned off. 

The remove unlock/lock, start options works same with location requests so the car is connected to the network. 

I use a Google Pixel 8 Pro with latest OS and app updates installed. 

I already tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app to no avail. 

I feel it’s sort of useless to pay for remote access if this feature is not working quite frankly. 



Thank you for sharing these details, Eric. We appreciate you providing the error code you're seeing, along with the steps you have already taken. Moving forward, we do recommend completing a Power Cycle. To do so, please see the following: 


1. Turn ignition on for at least 2 minutes

2. Turn ignition off and wait 2-5 minutes (so data can be collected)

3. Log out of the myChevrolet app and log back in - this may help the app refresh

4. If the concern is still not resolved, please wait 2-3 minutes and refresh the app again, as the status can take a few minutes to update

5. Drive the vehicle around for a few minutes to allow data to refresh on the app

6. Uninstall and reinstall the app