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Downloading app from chevy links

New Contributor

I bought a 2018 chevy traverse about 1 month ago. We have tryed and tryed and tryed to download any app that is on the chevy links app store. Keeps telling us error cant install at this time. I have the onstar package that allows me to downloaf anything and unlimited data. Me and my wife have called well over 15 times. And hours on the phone and to this day nothing still cant download anything.andone elsa have this issue if so. Has the issue been fixed ??


New Contributor II

Please know you can download the myChevrolet app from the Google Play or iTunes App Store and it is compatible with most Android and Apple devices. For more information on how to complete this and further details on the app, you can review:


If you need further troubleshooting, send our team an email at so we can take a peak.

New Contributor II

I have a similar experience. I can't get the app store to open at all. It says "application is having trouble loading, please try again later." Every other app works just fine. No one seems to care or have a fix. Complete horse **bleep**t. 

Our team here would be more than happy to take a further look into your account details and make any applicable updates. So we may, can you please email us additional details to with ATTN: OnStar Community/Dough in the subject headline moving forward?