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Is there any chance that Conversational Actions will come back to Google?

New Contributor

Not that I expect that this will be answered in the forums, perhaps OnStar does mine the forums for feedback. Basically, I am going to be sad in the winter when I am getting ready to go out for the day not being able to say "OK Google, Tell Chevrolet to start my car" and have a warm car.

Of course there is the app; but I am getting ready, not fiddling on my phone. I know Google is a company finding its way down the toilet as rapidly as possible and I wouldn't be surprised their Voice Assistant is just part of that disintegration of the company, but I am heavily invested in their voice assistant ecosystem and not willing to change to Amazon. Also, if I have my phone, I probably have my keys.

This feature is legit the only reason I subscribe to OnStar - voice activated car starts. (Unless OnStar will be super cool and just give me an API instead! Be super cool OnStar, give me an API to do my OnStar things).