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Is there any chance that Conversational Actions will come back to Google?

New Contributor

Not that I expect that this will be answered in the forums, perhaps OnStar does mine the forums for feedback. Basically, I am going to be sad in the winter when I am getting ready to go out for the day not being able to say "OK Google, Tell Chevrolet to start my car" and have a warm car.

Of course there is the app; but I am getting ready, not fiddling on my phone. I know Google is a company finding its way down the toilet as rapidly as possible and I wouldn't be surprised their Voice Assistant is just part of that disintegration of the company, but I am heavily invested in their voice assistant ecosystem and not willing to change to Amazon. Also, if I have my phone, I probably have my keys.

This feature is legit the only reason I subscribe to OnStar - voice activated car starts. (Unless OnStar will be super cool and just give me an API instead! Be super cool OnStar, give me an API to do my OnStar things).


New Contributor

@wallaceburg_on  - well winter's here and I'm guessing you're sad like you predicted you would be with no Google Assistant to Chevy integration, as am I.

I know technology keeps changing, and I shouldn't expect devices to be supported forever, but Google dropping conversational actions and GM failing to implement application actions (a poor substitute to be fair) feels like I've been given a big middle finger by both of them.


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