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Chevy app Maps+ not working

New Contributor

I deleted and re-installed. Called OnStar support twice and still not working. I was promised someone would call back and so far no one called back. Had big hopes as the app integrates with the Bolt car system and I'm planning my first EV long road trip. 



We do understand the frustration this situation has caused and do apologize for any miscommunication. Our team here would be more than happy to update your case with our internal team accordingly and ensure you are contacted. So we may, please send us an email to with ATTN: OnStar Community/MARIUSZSTEPIEN in the subject headline. 

New Contributor

I'm experiencing connection issues and OnStar Tech Support is  asleep at the switch. Worst tech support experience that I've had in quite some time.

We do understand your frustration. We're sure our Internal Technical Team is working hard to look into and resolve your connection concerns. You can reach our Technical Team directly by calling 1.888.466.7827 and requesting to speak with this team.