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diagnostic rip-off

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In February my 2016 Silverado's battery shorted out started a waterfall effect with tech services. The dealership fixed my truck, I got it back after numerous repairs I received my monthly diagnostics by e-mail from OnStar and it stated my truck had a problem with the starting system in my truck and service is needed immediately. Took it back to my dealership nothing wrong so-called OnStar thru the truck ran a diagnostic and said no codes found. Talked to tech support and said would take care of issue, next month got same e-mail with the same problems listed went thru same scenario same results this went on all spring and summer finally I contacted tech support in August and told them either fix this issue or I will cancel it altogether. Was contacted 2 days later they said problem was solved I will have no more issues on my e-mail diagnostics. Fast forward to October 1 my son took my truck on a fishing trip some 200 miles away. He called me at 7am said the truck is missing and the dash looks like a Christmas tree what do I want him to do I said to call OnStar and ask for a diagnostic report and then I got an e-mail from OnStar saying thank you for enrolling in OnStar diagnostics so the way they fixed my issue was by turning my diagnostic service off and didn't say a word and kept paying the same amount. To me this is a major rip-off I am going to contact better business bureau and see if anything can be done for these people taking advantage of unsuspecting people.


Community Manager
Community Manager

When enrolled in OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, OnStar will collect diagnostic information about your vehicle's key operating systems about every 30 days while you drive. After each data collection, you'll receive a report and any scheduled maintenance alerts by e-mail. Additionally, you should receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours of enrollment. If you continue to have trouble with your Vehicle Diagnostics Report, please send an email to with the subject line as ‘ATTN: OnStar Community/ucmytoy’ so we can reference back to this post.