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Services do not work - Horrible Experience

New Contributor III

I bought this beautiful new 2022 GMC Yukon Denali, jam packed with technology to make life easier and safer. The app connected, the initial advisor call was great and now the entire system and support has left me stranded as a customer with a vehicle that relies on OnStar and connected technologies for it to function. OnStar has successfully sent me MANY emails saying my theft alarm notifications were cancelled, only to get another email a few hours later saying it is enabled. When I called support, I got no resolution. In fact, I got a new feature. OnStart CANCELLED MY ENTIRE CONNECTED SERVICES. Very nice. So when I call in, I cannot get connected to an advisor. I had to call the 800 number. Thankfully, I didn't need assistance for an emergency. I get transferred to customer loyalty and everything is supposed to be taken care of. Sadly, it was not. I had to call back in (after 2 hours on the line) the next day to have services re-activated. Fantastic, I should be set. NOPE! Taking my daughter on a trip for spring break, I tried to use navigation. The beautiful Google Maps experience on the massive screen was going to be awesome and with the 15" HUD, driving into Washington DC was going to be a breeze. Well, the system would not connect because my services were DE-ACTIVATED yet again. I press the blue button and confirm this. They add a one month free trial to get me on the road (thanks) while they research why my 3-year pre paid plan was removed. Mid-drive, I try to use the connected service and it's not working. Blue button to the rescue again (that is sarcasm) where they "refresh" the signal. I get in the vehicle to travel again this morning and guess what....NO CONNECTION. Blue button to confirm that the free trial was REMOVED without any traceability and still NO ANSWER as to why my 3 year unlimited plan was cancelled. A month trial added back, but guess what??? I stopped and turned my vehicle off, got back in and tested navigation connectivity. Anyone want to guess if it worked or not? Spoiler alert - the connected features didn't work a whole 30 minutes after being reactivated on a 1 month trial. At this point, what recourse do I have? I will be talking to BBB and also working with the dealer, but OnStar has left me with 0 confidence.


New Contributor III


GM: You will receive a response in 3-5 days. 

Me: Hey, GM...It's been 8 calendar days. 5+ working days and I haven't received a response.

GM: Sorry about that...we are still working on it.

Remember, this is a PRE-PAID plan that came with an >$85k vehicle that was removed. 3 weeks later, I still do not have a resolution and no one from GM has showed any care or concern. Before you sign up for lousy service, look elsewhere!

This isn't the OnStar experience we strive for our Members. We understand that a delay in assistance is never ideal and would like to gather additional details regarding your concerns. When you have a chance, please send an email with your VIN to with ‘ATTN: OnStar Community/SK’ in the subject line. We will keep an eye out for your message. To learn more about our privacy policy, please visit