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Remote Start RESTRICTED to 2x

New Contributor

What is the purpose of limiting the remote start feature to 2 times?

It was recently -14 degrees F. here in the Chicago area with a few inches of snow and I didn't leave the house over the weekend. I like to occasionally warm my Silverado up to keep the battery charged in below zero weather. What is the mindset that restricts the remote start option to work only twice before having to physically use the key to start the vehicle? Is there some safety reason for this, or did some engineer that lives in Sunny Southern California come up with this idea? Is there some harm in having an unlimited number of times that the remote start feature could be used before having to use the key?

I wish Chevy would lift the restriction.





We appreciate you sharing these sentiments with us. We are aware some manufacturers provide similar features on their motor vehicles and have individually determined their own appropriate range of time for individual remote start cycles. Our engineers have calibrated the length of each Remote Start to be up to 20 minutes long, resulting in a total of up to 40 minutes for the pre-conditioning period. This balances safe vehicle operation with cabin conditioning needs and management of the vehicle. With this, if you have any additional questions, or would like to share additional feedback, kindly email with ATTN: OnStar Community/ORD312 in the subject headline.