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OnStar Module

New Contributor

I have a 2022 Escalade Sport Platinum and the on star/wifi/app completely stopped working in January 2024. I took the vehicle to my local Cadillac dealership and they told me the OnStar Module has to be replaced and that the part is currently on backorder with no update on when the part will be in. It has been 3 months since the module has stopped working and there has been no update on when I will get this replaced. I do not understand how GM is able to continue build cars with these modules but aren't able to replace them when they go bad. It is an inconvenience having the OnStar option and paying the monthly subscription without having the ability to use it. 



We do understand the frustration surrounding extended part delays. If you need an additional layer of communication moving forward alongside your certified Cadillac dealer, we are here to help to the best of our abilities. Kindly email with additional information moving forward.