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OnStar Link Dongle Not Happening?

New Contributor II

So there was a post or an email from GM I read a few weeks ago saying the OnStar Link dongle project was being shelved because of the global chip shortage and a solution would be announced soon.  What is going on with this and have there been any updates?  As far as I am concerned the data port dongle is garbage, and would only provide a degraded, crippled version of OnStar that required using a cell phone while driving for most of the remaining functions to even work (like navigation ...which you already have on a smartphone.  Or calling for help ...which you already have on a smartphone.  Or dialing a phone number ...which you already have on a smartphone.)  So, OK GOOGLE, what is GM's latest solution to the pending 2022 OnStar shutdown crisis?


New Contributor

The info is buried, but "Due to ongoing semiconductor shortages, GM is discontinuing the previously announced OnStar Link adapter program. Program updates will be announced at a later date."

Since the shutdown could be as early as the end of February 2022, it seems like there needs to be an announcement from GM soon as to what is being done.

I agree that the dongle, as its capabilities were described in the earlier email, is a horrible solution. Much of the best Onstar functionality is lost, and your cell phone becomes the main point of communication. The Onstar Guardian app is not a suitable replacement for Onstar as integrated into the car. 

I recognize that the semiconductor shortage is real, but GM has known about the 3G sunset for YEARS, and still has not communicated an adequate plan for owners without outdated Onstar modules. The future fix for this is to make all modules OTA update-able, which I believe is being done.

Can someone from GM who KNOWS -- please post info about the sunset plans, or lack thereof??

New Contributor

Still can't get any info about the 2G sunset. In NYC, 2G is still working, so far.  Understandable that semiconductors are in short supply. However the dongle or some other gadget would at least allow the smartphone to connect to the various OnStar sensors that would be otherwise useless like the monthly summary of oil life, tire pressure and diagnostics of other systems.

New Contributor III

Just hope they do not remove your service altogether as they desire. This is the case with my brand new 2022 Yukon Denali and the unlimited PRE PAID plan that was baked into the purchase price since it is required for the new Android Auto powered center screen (navigation) to work. Nearly 1 month later, OnStar cannot get it added back to my account and the entire support team has gone silent.

Hoping you all do not need the service for an emergency situation/crash response. 

New Contributor

I just got an email from OnStar advising me that once 2G is cutoff, many services will not be available and my plan cost will be reduced. Among the services lost are: remote key fob, stolen vehicle assistance, in vehicle automatic crash response, and turn by turn navigation.