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On Star module

New Contributor

I have a 2023 GMC Denali and the Onstar Module stop working over a month now. Took it to the dealership the ordered the part but they have not received or have an ETA on the part since. What is the deal with this part that is is so difficult to order?



We know part delays aren't ever ideal. If you'd like us to provide you with an additional layer of support throughout this process, please send us an email to with "GMC/JamRock" in the subject line so we can best assist. 

New Contributor

I have a 2022 GMC Denali Ultimate and the OnStar module has already failed with 10,000 miles on it. Took the dealer 4 days to diagnose. Now the problem is that this OnStar module used in soooo many GMC and Chevy vehicles is not available and no ETA as to eventual availability. And my forced OnStar subscription for a non-functioning unit runs out in 2025.

To further add insult, there are over 30 new GMC/Chevy vehicles with the exact same module needed sitting on the dealer's lot. To have a 2022 high$ vehicle with an almost new common part needed unavailable with no idea when the part will be available is ludicrous. Checking online, many folks with my new era vehicles have waited months for their OnStar module to become available.

We understand how frustrating long wait times for repairs can be. Our team would be glad to contact your dealership to learn more about the delay. To get started please email us at with "GMC/lightprism" in the subject line.