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No internet connection! Help!

New Contributor

I can connect to my wifi but there is no internet connection. Onstar has pushed updates, reconfigured what they could, and said to go to the dealership. The dealership said everything is good on their side so it’s an onstar issue. I’ve also tried to disconnect the battery and reconnect with no luck. Are there any other tips I can try?? Thank you!


New Contributor

Hi have the same issue as user minard46, the LTE flashes on and off with bars and then goes blank. I have no internet service, and cannot use the apps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

We can certainly take a further look into things on our end. So we may best assist moving forward, kindly email with ATTN: OnStar Community/ryknow80787 in the subject headline. 

New Contributor

Hey everyone!

You have to pay for a data plan.  Has anyone tried that?

Get the GM app and try buying the unlimited data plan.


I pay for remote start plan so I can go into the app and start my car from anywhere no matter how far away I am in the world from my car I can start it.

There it is.

New Contributor

It’s kinda crap I’ve talked to OnStar like that 20 times from the first day I got my car and now I’ve had it for a month and Wi-Fi shows signal but now internet connection. They always say “Oh well it all looks fine on our end…”  I’m like that is awesome and all but i literally have to disconnect WiFi on my phone when I get in the car because my phone has no service!! I kept network linked for a while hoping it was just a quirk but I have had to disable network now and yet I’m supposed to pay for this service that causes me more harm than good…? No way and no help from dealership or onstar. 0/10

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We're glad to hear your mobile app has helped you stay connected to your vehicle, no matter where you are.

This doesn't sound right. Have you tried to enable your 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot within your infotainment system? Depending on the year/make/model of your vehicle, there will be an option to toggle the 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot On and Off. Please let us know if yours is toggled to On.