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No OnStar Light, No Wifi

New Contributor

I have a ‘22 Tahoe and have had more OnStar/wifi issues than I have ever had before and all previous vehicles were used. I am sick of the amount of time I lose wifi service and/or lose my vehicle to have one thing or another worked on. So the problem  this time is that my wifi has disconnected and OnStar says they can’t do anything and I have to take it to the dealership bc the light by my OnStar button is not on at all. The dealership is telling me I will have to leave my vehicle with them for 48-72 hours just to find out what the issue is!!!! I HAVE TO HAVE WIFI for my job but I also HAVE TO HAVE MY CAR!!! I cannot give up my vehicle for 3 days!! I am literally on the verge of saying eff it to OnStar entirely and just purchasing a T-Mobile hotspot or something bc this is ridiculous how many issues I’ve had solely based on OnStar/wifi and then, surely I’m going to be expected to pay something for a basically pretty new vehicle that just keeps screwing me left and right. 

2 weeks ago I received an email saying my wifi had been canceled but I had never canceled it! This left me without wifi for several days but I even moved the account to a completely different card bc they couldn’t determine why the service canceled and just assumed it must have been payment even though the original account would never not have $30 in it EVER! Now this past Friday I received the same email but this time it was my premium service that I apparently canceled, which I did not. I asked if I had to keep the premium package in order to keep my wifi and was told no so I said “fine just let it be canceled but let’s get the wifi working”. I was transferred twice, the second transfer gave me an automated message basically stating that OnStar was experiencing difficulties as a whole and I should try again after 9pm. I called back only to be hung up on almost immediately. Then today the woman tells me that it’s a dealership problem. I feel like I am jumping through hoops, chasing my tail, given so many different excuses, and I am so irritated at this point!!! There has got to be a better way!!! How can we get my wifi working without me having to turn over my vehicle for a 48-62 hour diagnostic test all of a sudden???



We regret to hear of these ongoing in-vehicle data concerns and understand your frustrations. Due to the nature of your concerns, our team would like to take a further look on our end to help find a resolution. Kindly send us an email to with ATTN: OnStar Community/Janellbrooke in the subject headline. We look forward to hearing from you.