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New Contributor

So, I’m told over and over again that I do not have an active hotspot and can not have one or even gain access one without paying for a data plan….. BUT my infotainment system sure shows one… visible AND accessible from my cell phone, AND it has internet access!  Please explain further….I’m confused on how it’s not possible, yet it’s happening in my ride!!!  (I’m not referring to optional Wi-Fi networks.  That is listed completely separate.  This is under “hotspot” in my infotainment center.  It shows the SSID and the password, which I’m able to change to whatever I want.) 2021 Tahoe RST


New Contributor II

In order to connect to an in-vehicle Hotspot, it does require enrollment into a Data plan. Please know, some of OnStar's plans and packages include OnStar services and Data or you can purchase unlimited Data as an add-on. If you are experiencing any issues with your WiFi or would like further clarification as to what plans and services you're currently enrolled in, send us an email at