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Diagnostic report

New Contributor

I received an email last week indicating there was an issue with our engine or transmission in our 2015 Malibu.  I took the car to a local service center on January 7th.  They did a diagnostics check and found the issue was with a battery cable.  As soon as they received the report the engine light went off and remains off.  On January 12th I received another email indicating this same issue.  How can I stop receiving this email?  There is no longer any problem.  



We recommend pushing your blue OnStar button to have an On-Demand Diagnostic performed. You can then compare the results of this to your OVD email. Some diagnostic information can be time sensitive and/or can resolve from the time the email was sent to the time the Diagnostic is executed. If this is a recurring issue, our team can look into creating a case with our Technical Teams to have it resolved. To do so, please send an email with additional details to and be sure to have "ATTN: OnStar Community/CM" in the subject line.