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Diagnostic report was wrong. Nothing is wrong with my car.

New Contributor

We received multiple emails from which advised that we had a major issue with our Engine & Transmission system.  The alert stated that there was a problem with our starter and our car could potentially not start.  It was noted that this required "immediate action" .  The car didn't seem to have any problems/issues with starting but since this was a proactive alert, we believed something was going wrong.  We set up an appointment at the dealership and just received a call that nothing is wrong with the starter on the car.  Now we are stuck paying $170 for a diagnostic that we never needed.  Has anyone had this issue and were you able to get your money back from Onstar?



We can definitely understand any frustration surrounding data mismatches with your Vehicle Diagnostic Reports. Please know, so long as you're enrolled in an applicable plan, you can push the blue OnStar button inside your vehicle at any time to have an On-Demand Diagnostic run for your vehicle where a live advisor can provide further insight into any concerns listed on the diagnostic report. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/plankford" in the subject line.