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Data and Billing Issue

New Contributor

For the past year, I end up losing internet connection in my 2019 Chevy Silverado. It occurs every other month (sometimes every month) right when billing occurs. I get charged for the OnStar service, but customer support from overseas somewhere tells me that the data plan via AT&T payment was declined. On the same card. On the same day. This is ludicrous. After multiple apologies which only anger me further, I am told that the service was canceled due to the payment not going through and would have to be set back up. This is ridiculous. Some months, even when payment goes through, my internet is still not working. I have to have technical service reset the connection. At some point, I think I deserve a refund for paying for services that are not consistently rendered. 

Somebody needs to get their billing issues straightened out. My girlfriend has WiFi through Ford and never has an issue. Perhaps I should ditch GM and look elsewhere.



We truly appreciate these details. Our team here does regret to hear of any ongoing billing issues and concerns regarding your in-vehicle data. We would like to take a further look into things and assist to the best of our abilities. Moving forward, please email us at with ATTN: OnStar Community/rbe68 in the subject headline.