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2g in order vehicles, family saftey means nothing to them

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I can't believe that a company that big can't figure out how to get around this. For us that have an older vehicle and take care of  them get kicked to the curb. Me being a 20year customer means absolutely nothing to them with 2 vehicles. OnStar is a big enough company to where they should of been looking into this instead of taking the easy way out.  To all and many corporations the 1st and 2nd things they prech is SAFTEY is 1st and FAMILY is 2nd I guess OnStar doesn't think so. I would suggest to the others to just gat some kind of bluetooth adapter for hands free calling because in 10 years you too will be kicked to the curb like we are. I have called and talked to a representative and have no answer about this other that's what the upper management tells them. I do feel sorry for an advisor because it's not their fault 

Signed very upset 



Amen!!! This should NOT happen!!!  VERY BAD PR for OnStar!!!

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I have started a petition on this matter: