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2017 Volt - Onstar not working and can't get it activated

New Contributor

I just bought a 2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier.
I tried to get OnStar activated by pressing the blue button but got no answers.
I tried to call pn the phone to get it activated, but the person told me i have to do it with the blue button in the car.
I tried to activate it online, but even after i purchased an OnStar plan, i still can't get it activated in the car.

So i tried it again with the button in the car and after waiting for 5-10 minutes, someone finally answered.
So i tell the person i want to activate my Onstar Account and she tells me i have to do it with the blue button in the car. So i tell her that is what i just did and we are talking through the Onstar button in my car.
But even so, she tells me she can't activate it...

If a phone call, a web site or even the blue button in the car can't activate OnStar in my car, how am i suppose to activate it?





We do apologize for any confusion. The only way to activate the OnStar hardware inside your vehicle is by pushing the blue OnStar button inside your vehicle. If the LED light next to this button is red, please visit your preferred Chevrolet dealership for assistance. If the light is green and you're still having difficulties, please send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/mtv___" in the subject line so we can further assist.