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View Plans & Pricing

New Contributor

Is there a simpler way to view my plan and pricing? Having to go through multiple pages is not efficient, frustrating and a complete waste of time. Why can't I simply just log in, go to my account and have my plan, its components and the amount displayed right there?    


New Contributor II

After logging into your account, select "Plans & Services" and then "view my plans" to view the plans currently active on your vehicle(s). Additionally, if using the mobile app, you can select the profile icon in the upper-left and tap "Plans & Services." If you have further questions about your current services or billing, please send an email over to

New Contributor

My complaint also since my first OnStar plan many years back.  Their website is the absolute WORST.  I logged on today just to look up the expiration date of one of my current plans but that information isn't included!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Depending on the plan(s) active on your vehicle(s), they may not have a set end date. To ensure continuous coverage for our Members, most of our service offerings automatically renew each month. Should your plan(s) have an expiration date, you can review this information by following the steps provided above. If you have additional questions, feel free to connect with an Advisor by emailing 

New Contributor

And...why is the monthly cost of my plans not included with the account information?  This is beyond absurd.

To view your current monthly bill and payment information, you can log into your account via, select "Plans & Services" and then "Payment & Billing" from the left hand menu. If you have any questions about your current plans or billing, please feel free to reach out to us via with "ATTN: OnStar Community/mamacat90807" in the subject line so we can reference this post.