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What is Owner Center?


Owner Center is where you can view, manage and change your OnStar or Connected Services plan and find plans and pricing information tailored to your vehicle. Specifically, you can add to or select a different plan, get your vehicle mobile app information, review diagnostic information, receive vehicle support, manage maintenance and service, access an online Owner’s Manual, and review helpful how-to content. Log in using your Owner Center, OnStar account, vehicle mobile app or My GM Rewards login. You can visit Owner Center here:


New Contributor

The link is getting an error.

Link from Onstar page is also getting same error.


  An error occurred while processing your request.

  Reference #97.33f04f17.1629771850.643bf4


I don't have any  added services, but would like to see maintenance status that I believe should be available.

Desktop PC Windows 7.

Any suggestions on how to get in?