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Remote Access Plan and Send to Navigation

New Contributor

I have the Remote Access Plan, the plan states that I have "Send to Navigation" from my phone app to my vehicle.  I can enter a destination on the mobile app's map, I'm given several options:  Spend to Maps, Waze, Google Maps, or Send to Turn-by-turn or Send to Vehicle Navigation.

When I select with Turn-by-turn or Send to Vehicle Navigation, my vehicle will open the built in map.  But then the map states I need a plan.  I thought that I have a plan, the Remote Access plan with states Send to Navigation is included.

So if Remote Access plan states that send to nav is included, why does it not work?



We are happy to provide any additional clarification on navigation. The Remote Access Plan does include Send-to-Navigation (Destination Download) via the mobile app. With this, you can search and send destinations to your OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation or your vehicle's in-dash navigation system through your mobile app. Turn-by-Turn Navigation (TBT) generates the route in the app. To utilize maps via your infotainment screen, an applicable OnStar service plan is required, such as the Premium Plan. Please know, an in-vehicle data plan is required to utilize in-vehicle apps. If you are attempting to open an app via your infotainment screen, in-vehicle data is needed.