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MyChevrolet App - Unable to retrieve account details.

New Contributor

I have reinstalled the app. Reset my phone. Made sure app was up to date. Made sure my phone software was up to date. I have not once ever been able to get MyChevrolet app to work. It always does the same thing. Sad too because it's 2023 and most other places have these kinds of things working smoothly since the late 2000s. I hope I get a chance to use this app. The woman keeps talking about Toyota and I'm starting to lose reasons on why I stay so damn loyal to Chevrolet.



We'd be happy to take a closer look at this for you. Could you please send us an email to with 'ATTN: OS Community/Omagoch" in the subject line so we can best assist? 

New Contributor

I don't think any of the "Kudos" or comments are from a human being. I don't think anybody has resolved this and has probably given up. Has anybody come up with a solution other than "shoot me a message with XXXX in the subject line"?

We first suggest that you uninstall/reinstall the app from your device. If you're having further concerns, however, our team can take a closer look into this for you. Please send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/wharris" in the subject line if you need further assistance.

New Contributor

I am also having the same issue after reinstalling the app.

If you are still experiencing trouble with the mobile app after reinstalling, please email us at with "ATTN: OS Community/mtrailblazer" in the subject line moving forward. Our care team would be more than happy to take a further look into your account details on our end.

New Contributor

2024 Trax same issue. Unable to get account details.

We're happy to help look into your concern. First, please uninstall/reinstall the app from your device. If you're still seeing the error after this, please email us at with "ATTN: OS Community/hortushonu" in the subject line so we can further assist. 

New Contributor

I've done everything that has been posted in this thread, but the app is still "unable to retrieve account details".  I now have a service that I cannot use (like remote start) and would like to find an answer to this problem.

We would be more than happy to help. Please send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/jstemmley" in the subject line so we can best assist. 

New Contributor

Ok, pretty sure I found the solution

Juste got my new Blazer EV yesterday and a was also unable to connect to My Chevrolet App on my cell phone. Same message error "unable to retrieve account details". This is what I did to fix the problem: I log into the web page of and log in with my account and password without any problem. I then click on my profile icon and choose account overview. My email adresse was configured but I did found that all my personal information was missing (Fist name, Name, contact information..etc). So it seem like my dealership saleman forgot to complete my profile correctly. Has soon as I save my personal information, I was able to login in My Chevrolet app without any problem

Hope it will help