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New Contributor II

wifi hotspot not working after remote startup.  2020 chevy silverado..  the wifi has been "reset" x2 from on-star.   is this a chevyissue or onstar issue ?   thx


New Contributor

SAME issue...MY21 Silverado 1500. Most of my wifi issues with remote startbare at home, I assume, where I don't have very much 4G signal. In town remote start/wifi issues are rare. I have to shut the truck off and open the door for about 60 seconds for the truck to reset itself. Then I start the truck with pushbutton and everything works fine. 

New Contributor

I have been having the same issue for over a year and a half and have recently left my vehicle with the GMC dealer for over a week while I was out of town. Nothing found and nothing fixed. Sounds like a software issue that needs fixing. The question is, what is being done to address this KNOWN problem. 

If you continue to have trouble with your In-Vehicle 4G LTE Wi-Fi, please feel free to send us an email including additional details to with your subject line as ‘ATTN: OnStar Community/BirdmanMorin’. This will allow us to look into your concerns further and ensure any errors are addressed. We'll be sure to keep an eye out for your message. 

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Same here with my 2020 Buick Encore. Been that way almost since it was new, and I always thought it was an OnStar issue. I pay yearly in advance for both Wi-Fi and the remote capabilities for my phone, both currently expire a year and 1 month from now. But as usual, when I remote start I have to turn my car off and recycle it for like 5 minutes and then start it normally for the Wi-Fi to work.

Dash message says I have no data plan which as stated, I do. Tells me to connect to OnStar to get one, so of course I press the blue button, and it says it "Cannot connect to OnStar". So what if I were really in trouble, what if I were in an accident, would it still not connect to onstar?

I have contacted both OnStar and the dealership, who said I am supposed to be charged for a required software update, but that didn't work anyway. Now seeing if I need a module which I may or may not have to pay for. This is been an issue since I purchased the car new and I have an extended warranty that was supposed to cover such issues as "electronics". I'm tired of paying for two services, yet having to choose between them. Call OnStar on my telephone because of course the blue button doesn't work, each time they tell me to stop my car, turn it off, open my door for 2 minutes at least (I'm using my remote start, so it's probably also cold), then restart normally. Which we already discussed that of course it will work then, because I'm not using the remote at that point. Then they insist on running the same old diagnostics which has nothing to do with this problem and btw, yes I knew Im due for an oil change, but there is still no resolution. Seems like with all these complaints, GM would figure something out

New Contributor II

Same exact problems!!!!!  Well explained!!  Hopefully someday they'll figure out it the problem 🙄

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I recommend everyone here sending an email to the social media email above to get some eyes on this issue. It's clearly a systemic software bug and not a 1 off thing. 

My 2020 sierra does the same thing. Virtually every time I remote start the vehicle (via app or fob), when I get into the vehicle and hit on button, wifi is non functional. Which is frustrating because it means I can't stream music. 


I noticed when I go into the on star page, it does not seem to be linked to my account as it shows no account but states it has a data plan, but it doesn't work. The only thing that works is turn truck off and open door, and wait for 3-4 minutes and then turn it on. It's very frustrating that this happens nearly every time. 

What's more frustrating is that GM has a button combo you can hold to reset the head unit on models before 19-22 and on the new 23+ head units but absolutely no way to reset it on 19-22 without parking the truck for several minutes, which is frustrating when you don't realize the wifi is not working until you get in it and start driving. 


Please fix this issue. It's been a problem for years. Clearly something with the head unit not connecting properly when remote starting.

New Contributor

It is now 1/14/2024 and nothing has been done to fix the problem on my vehicle, even though they told me they would keep my case open for the fix. Is anyone actually working on finding a fix or are we all just getting blown off ?

 We appreciate everyone bringing these concerns to our attention. If you could please send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/USERNAME" in the subject line, we'll be happy to discuss further on an individual level for further assistance. 

New Contributor

Same problem on my 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali -- when using remote start, the wifi hotspot does not work.  Going into settings, it shows I have no data plan which is not true.  If I start the truck manually, everything works fine.  This is a very obvious software bug that should have been trivial to fix, but since it's been going on for years, I am guessing nobody has bothered to look into the problem.  And GM wants to phase out Carplay support in future vehicles because they think they can do better.  Yeah right!

I wish there was a way to quickly reset/reboot the infotainment system. but I have to shut off the truck, open the door, and wait several minutes before the system powers down before I can start the truck to regain wifi.  I am tempted to see if there is a fuse I can pull to speed up the process.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our team is always looking to monitor trends and look into fixes for any widespread concerns. We'd like to bring this to the attention of our internal Technical Team for further handling. So we can do this, could you please send us an email to with "ATTN OS Community/s219" in the subject line?