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Wifi on but ‘not connected to internet’

New Contributor

My credit card on file expired at the end of January. As soon as the card declined my hotspot in my vehicle stopped working. I called and updated the card and still no internet. 

I’ve spent hours on a call with OnStar. They’ve sent signals, rebooted, more signals. My OnStar light is green, everything looks good on their end, but no service on mine. 

any ideas on how to fix this?


New Contributor

Seems like this has been an issue for a long time.  I just signed up for the Connected Data plan in my 2023 Colorado and it struggles to connect to the internet.  The SHARE HOTSPOT DATA setting keeps getting turned off.  All other settings seem to stay as set but this one changes itself back to off.  Frustrating!  I'll keep following along and hope for a solution.