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Wifi on but ‘not connected to internet’

New Contributor

My credit card on file expired at the end of January. As soon as the card declined my hotspot in my vehicle stopped working. I called and updated the card and still no internet. 

I’ve spent hours on a call with OnStar. They’ve sent signals, rebooted, more signals. My OnStar light is green, everything looks good on their end, but no service on mine. 

any ideas on how to fix this?



We would like to take a further look into your account details on our end. So we may assist with your in-vehicle data, kindly email with ATTN: OnStar Community/Cpb9 in the subject headline moving forward. 

New Contributor

I have the same issue. I am spending a good amount of money for this service and it's frustrating to hear that I need to go to the dealership to figure it out. 

We regret to hear of any concerns regarding your in-vehicle data. If you need an additional layer of support, our social care team is here to assist to the best of our abilities. Please send an email to us at with the subject line ATTN: OnStar Community/Jbergan so we can further help.

New Contributor

Definitely a real problem. My internet on my connected plan doesn’t work about 50% of start ups. It has definitely made up my mind about whether or not to pay to keep my plan after the trial period. CarPlay and Android auto both work perfectly. The GM decision to cut those out of future models will probably have me move to another brand because either their hardware is faulty or their provider is awful. When I ping my vehicle, it definitely isn’t AT&T as the provider. It’s some commercial internet provider, always. 

We understand the frustration these in-vehicle data concerns have caused. Our team would like to take a further look into things regarding your connection. So we may, please send us an email with additional details to with ATTN: OnStar Community/Hirjak in the subject headline moving forward. 

New Contributor

I also have an issue with internet connectivity in my 2023 Tahoe. I purchased a 5GB data plan when the previous one expired and since then Google services are not recognizing it. I keep getting a message that I need to purchase a data plan for some services to work fully. I am not able to download offline maps for the speed limit to work correctly again because Google Maps is not recognizing the active data plan. 

I called On-Star through the blue button and they were not able to resolve the issue. Now GM called me and are asking me to take the car to my local dealer who is asking to book/reserve a slot when available to look into the issue.

This is extremely frustrating as this is my only car and is specifically purchased for the purpose of transporting a  child with special needs.

New Contributor

I have a 2022 Tahoe RST, January of 24, all the sudden google stopped connecting. I pay for internet via ATT. I have OnStar, still nothing. When Google was working I really enjoyed it although I'm an iPhone user. When I called to make an appointment with the dealership, they acted like they had zero idea of any issue. I cancelled my appointment, because I really don't want to be blindsided with some outrageous repairs bill. My warranty is no where close but idk I feel like somehow they will charge me. 

We appreciate you sharing this experience with us. Our team would like to learn more and take a further look into your account details on our end. So we may update your case and provide any additional assistance regarding your Google Built In concerns, please email with ATTN: OnStar Community/mokhtar in the subject headline. 

The last thing we want is for you to feel blindsided by your service department. Our team would like to assist to the best of our abilities moving forward. If you need an additional layer of assistance alongside your certified Chevrolet dealership, kindly email additional details to We hope to hear from you.