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Wifi connected with no internet

New Contributor

Same issue......onstar sent numerous signals to vehicle with no luck. Was told to go to dealer, dealer says system is ok that it is an onstar issue. I even signed up for the unlimited data plan thinking that may have been an issue.....still not working......have had many GM vehicles over the years and never an issue......very frustrating!


New Contributor

We are also having the same issue in our 2021 Chevy.  Today when I was on the phone with OnStar they rep was going to put me on hold to talk to AT&T herself but transferred me to AT&T instead who told me they couldn't help me.  At&T transferred me back to OnStar and the new woman hung up on me.  This is ridiculous!  Get this fixed.  I think we have had 4 tickets opened on this problem.  

This is not the experience that we strive to provide our Members. Thank you kindly for bringing this recent communication to our attention. We would like to learn more and assist to the best of our abilities. So we may, kindly email with ATTN: OnStar Community/ccolby05 in the subject headline moving forward. 

New Contributor

Having the same issue with my 2021 Colorado.  Connects to the wifi but no internet connection.  Have tried calling Att and onstar with no resolution.

If you continue to have concerns with your in-vehicle data, we would like to take a further look into your account details on our end. So we may, email with ATTN: OnStar Community/ccochran12 in the subject headline. 

New Contributor

I am having this same issue with my 2024 Blazer EV 2LT. Please advise. Thanks.

We know how important it is to internet connections are. Our team would be glad to assist. Could you also please send us an email to with "GMC/alexev7" in the subject line to get started.