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Why don't GM retrofit replacemrnt for on star 2g

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I was completely dissatisfied when I heard that on star was shutting down the 2G system on 31 Dec 22. This new app is unacceptable. I need a button I can press for emergency asap, not fiddle with a stupid phone app. This was the reason I bought  GM car.  Strongly suggest GM to retrofit our vehicles with 5G system. My wife and I have health problems. I feel ripped off. Your answer will help me decide if I ever want to buy another GM product again.



We love having you as a Member and would hate to see you two leave. The Guardian app will still provide you with those Emergency Services as well as Mobile Crash Response, Roadside Assistance, and Location Status. You’ll still have your blue OnStar button and red SOS button available at your fingertips on your mobile device. Additionally, you’ll have a Roadside button in the app. Mobile Crash Response is able to detect a crash by using the sensors in your smartphone, including the accelerometer. When a crash is detected on an Android device, the app can automatically connect you with an OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor, who can contact first responders. When a crash is detected on an Apple® device, the app alerts an OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisor, who will then call your smartphone, requiring someone in the vehicle to answer the call. Advisors can also contact first responders. We recommend taking a look at our FAQs about the app here: 

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Be sure to read the fine print on that Guardian app, paying particular attention to what the app will do on an Android phone versus an iPhone. In any case, it's a poor substitute for the integrated solution they COULD have sustained for us but refused (see

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Just stop responding with " Guardian App" !! No one complaining about it wants a app as a solution! Does not address the other connectivity issues like, Engine diag, Air pressure, unlock/lock doors, And remote start! And for to rely on my cell in a accident? So what happens when my phone for what ever reason goes flying across my vehicle, will it think I was in an accident and if I am in one and they call my Iphone and I can't get to it because I am pinned, or I'm not in a accident and can't reach my phone ? WE DON"T WANT A APP AS A FIX!!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT OUR FULL CONNECTIVITY BACK AND IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO!!!! You either don't care or have incompetent people working for you!