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2g sunset

New Contributor

for all gm onstar user 2015-2006 ,try bluetooth ,skip everything else to see the features you like. no onstar 

plan needed.use the free apps on your phone for most of the same features. it's worth a try,wont cost

you anything.


New Contributor III

I've started a petition to get our vehicles upgraded:

New Contributor

I have a theory as to why GM management is kicking prior owners to the curb they have no interest in gas powered vehicles the new kid on the block are EV

They will not spend a dime on supporting the old regime gas powered is out EVs are in

They had the ability to fix this they paid for it in Canada

Could have done it here in the USA if the feds were not shoving electric vehicles down our throats

I have paid for onstar for 8 years gm is moving on gas vehicles are old news I will not buy another vehicle from gm they have shown they cannot be trusted