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Still no GM update on 2G Sunsetting fix for pre-2015 OnStar vehicles?

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We're almost half way through 2022 and still no official GM updates on any revised OnStar "2G-Sunsetting" solution for pre-2015 GM vehicles with factory OnStar hardware (2G CDMA) (which without a GM fix, will have "N-OnStar" by the end of 2022 when the US 2G mobile data system shuts down.)

By contrast, I've already received free plug-and-play hardware upgrades for: 1.) A family member's pacemaker modem (See attached image of USB stick 2g to 4g upgrade modem; 2.) A Home alarm system 2g to 4g modem upgrade (see attached photo for the alarm's modem retrofit.)






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It would make since that they should be able to wirelessly send updates to update the system...or to do a fix for those who are utilizing the services. Updating a hard drive/computer in a system should be quite easy to do as there are lots of companies doing this! The answer, which was provided in an email today about utilizing the awful app as an alternative is not innovative at all! INVEST in your people who have purchased their vehicles, still drive them and are STILL paying for your services!! The fact that stolen vehicle tracking will not be available, and the remote services is DEVASTATING! Its bad enough the maps dont really update as they should 

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My annual plan for my 2014 Buick Encore ends on 7/26/2022. Using the VIN check tool, I am told that my vehicle is no longer connected. I was not pleased about the dongle solution but was happy that GM / Onstar was going to offer it. I have zero use for the Guardian app by itself, and will just not renew my plan. If I have to use my phone, I can just say " Hey google call 911" or whatever. No need for the app.

Your vehicle is equipped with 2G-hardware and is no longer connected.


In December 2022, the 2G cellular network that your GM vehicle uses to connect to OnStar® is being sunset. This means the OnStar buttons in your vehicle will be deactivated. However, our current Members can still use key safety services by calling an OnStar Advisor at 1.888.4ONSTAR. Save our number in your contact list to reach an Advisor at any time and to request services like Roadside Assistance, Crisis Assist or Emergency Services. And now, no matter where you are, you can access these services, along with Location Status and Mobile Crash Response, by downloading the OnStar Guardian® app which is included in your plan. You can even share the Guardian app with up to 7 loved ones — giving the whole family a little peace of mind.


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My Camaro has 30k miles on it and in great shape. I don't want to sell it yet but losing the connectivity for remote door opening and starting with the app, and the monthly diag email is very annoying. Will definitely affect my next new car purchase, GM.


Seems like GM did a poor job of product planning/development to let this happen without a way to update their systems.

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I don't understand why we can't just upgrade our system? To not give us that option seems rather dumb.

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OnStar apparently reneged on its promise to provide converters for 2G transceivers in GM's pre-2015 cars. Even though statistics from the Bureau of Transportation shows the average age of cars and light trucks on the road remains over 10 years old, and used car sales are about 70% of total car sales annually. I'm not sure how many of those cars are pre-2015, but it sure comes across as a slap in the face. OnStar is pulling the plug on us at some point in December (the person I spoke with at OnStar this morning could not give me a date -- so I'm forced to assume we'll be connected through November). Then they have the stones to want to charge $15 a month for an app that has almost no value proposition.

In my view, the dongle (or whatever it was) was better than leaving us with an app that fails to distinguish itself from offerings from insurance companies (apart from its outrageous fee). I was an AVID supporter of OnStar's service and got to see its benefit first-hand when my wife was injured in an accident years ago. But this -- CHOOSING to leave us without an integrated solution -- is nothing short of CALLOUS. I will very strongly consider this in future purchasing/leasing decisions.

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A "poor man's" way to keep a pseudo "car locate' function would be to pick up the cheapest smart phone you can find at tracfone or other pay-per-month/year cell service. Probably get a phone for $40-$70. Then buy their 1-year plan. Then plug the phone in to one of the usb ports in the car. Download the Guardian app and set it up. Finally keep the phone on. The Guardina locator should then tell you where the car is at least if stolen. Could probably do this using the Google family sharing app, but I am not sure which one will use more data daily. My guess is Google uses more. I have two cars that lose service at the end of this year, so I feel everyone's pain too. GM dropped an egg with this one. My next car won't be a GM when I buy in December. 

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OldChevyGuy -- here's a thought about the Guardian app. I'm quoting the fine print on an admin post on another thread: "Mobile Crash Response services are intended for use in select vehicles only and can connect automatically on Android devices only."

I read this to mean that that the feature -- which, let's face it, is completely analogous to what OnStar is FOR, will only work on Android phones and for owners of "select" vehicles. Data from Statista shows that Apple's iOS enjoys a slight majority of smartphone operating systems in the United States. For sake of argument, let's say Android and iOS split the market down the middle, and that a representative population are Guardian subscribers. Only HALF of the subscribers can use Mobile Crash Response -- and that's assuming they have one of the "select" vehicles.

Onstar subscribers with 2G transceivers should consider this when their connections get cut after November.

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Tracfone does sell cheap Android phones. Just priced: Phone $50. Annual Plan $125 then figure another $25 for extra data. So if someone wants a stolen car 'locator' then $200 for a homemade version. So if someone is an Apple owner it doesn't matter just get the Android for a one time cost of $50 in year 1. Then in years 2+ the cost for stolen car locator is $150 a year. Just trying to offer a solution for people who want that.