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Printed Member Card

New Contributor

Does OnStar still issue the printed member cards?  This is the blue wallet card with all the OnStar information for the vehicle, including the vehicle's telephone number. I previously had one for another vehicle I owned, but I have not received a card for this current vehicle.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Please know OnStar is no longer utilizing Member cards. However, if your OnStar Account is linked to your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, or GM Account, you are welcome to review the information that would have been outlined on the Member card there. To link Accounts, please follow the steps outlined below. Be advised, if you are the Owner Proxy or Driver on the account, you must consult with the Owner to authorize this change. 

1. Log into your GM Account via,,,, or
2. Once logged in, click on "Plans & Services” from the navigation bar
3. Enter either your OnStar account number or your username (email address associated to your OnStar account)
4. Choose your method of verification (email or text message)
5. Select "Send code"
6. Check either your email address or phone to locate the verification code
7. Once found, enter the verification code into the GM Account Website
8. Click "Link account" to finish.

Should you find that these options are not visible to you on the GM Account site, it's likely that you've already linked your accounts. From there, all account details will be listed within the "Plans & Services" tab.