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Onstar light red, system not working unless driven 15+ miles??

New Contributor

We purchased our 2023 GMC Terrian AT4 April 1st. Onstar didn't work during the test drive and the selling dealer couldn't get it activated. After driving around off and on all evening, the light finally turned green and we were able to contact Onstar to set up the account. Since then, the light stays red unless we drive around for a very long time, or sometimes it doesn't turn green at all. It's been back to the dealership twice and they claim there isn't anything wrong with the system, but it is a 50 mile drive up there, so I assume the green light is on by the time their driver gets there. The few times the green light has been on I have pressed the onstar button to request a system test and they can't find anything wring either.  At this point Onstar is completely useless to us, and a waste of nearly $1,500.00. If the dealership and Onstar can't repair the issue, what are we supposed to do with this fancy, overpriced, flashing red light? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please know, if your LED light is red or flashing red, it could signify an OnStar hardware concern. Moving forward, we do recommend pushing your blue button to connect with a live Advisor directly or visiting your preferred certified GM Dealership as they will be in the best position to assist. If you continue to have trouble after speaking with a live Advisor, please send us an email to with "ATTN: OnStar Community/Milly92" in the subject line so we can look into this further.