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Onstar 3g phaseout

New Contributor

I have been trying to get info as to whats going to happen to my onstar service in my 2008 Lucerne but no onstar agent either knows what I am talking about or isnt sure.  The Phillipine tech people are of no help and the U.S. people act like I am speaking of something I made up in my mind.  I would like to know whats going on.  The idea of having to use a smartphone to make onstar work is a joke.  That goes against all the things onstar originally was meant to do.  You didnt need a phone it was in the car.


New Contributor

This is pretty much the reason why I didn't renew last month because there's been no communications to how they will fix it. I'd like to have them just update the modem in the car like they did for Canadian customers. I recently took my Cadillac in for service and told them about it but they couldn't get any answers either.