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No Plan, but why is my truck networking harware disbaled?

New Contributor

When I first purchased my 19 Silverado it came with the Trial version of OnStar Wifi. It worked without any issues. Here is where it gets interesting. While using these services during the trial period I was able to connect my truck to my house wifi networks (essentially not needing OnStar Wifi data Service). Forget for a moment that this is impracticial to stay connected to my home network. However, I was able to do the same if I was out near a business that I could connect to Wifi (again, not using OnStar wifi data service). I was able to connect my truck to my Phone Hotspot (again, no need for OnStar wifi data). I let my OnStar trial end.

Now there is no option to use wifi at all in my truck (completely disabled). So my question is, I do not need OnStar service to be my wifi data source in the truck, why did OnStar disable wifi equipment in my truck? Please reenable my truck networking capabilities. Does it require a dealer, or my I contact OnStar to have it reenabled?

Again, I do not want to use any function/service associated with OnStar, I only want my WIFI equipment, I already own, turned on in my truck.

*Example, Where ever I travel I can connect my laptop to my phone hotspot. The same holds true for my truck. I should be able to connect my truck to any nearby network, or my phone hotspot. I have already proved that the system is capable. Just in case the question comes up. I already own the wifi networking equipment in my vehicle, it should always be on so I can use it, whether I subscribe to OnStar or not (in this case just keep OnStar services disabled).

Bottomline OnStar cannot control the use of my vehicles networking equipment I already own, but can only control OnStar services which I chose to subscribe.

I appoligize for any misunderstanding of what I am trying to accompish. Working with any dealer is any last resort...if ya'know what I mean.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our team certainly understands your frustrations with your In-Vehicle Hotspot. Please know that if you are not enrolled into an OnStar Data Plan, you will not be able to receive In-Vehicle 4G LTE WiFi services. However, if you would like to activate these services, we recommend that you push the blue OnStar button in your vehicle to speak with a live Advisor. They will be in the best position to assist.