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New ‘24 CT5 keeps losing profile radio presets.

New Contributor

After a couple of days from setting the radio presets in my user profile most of my radio presets disappear. A random couple might stay or they might not. I’ve been through the process 5 times now.  I can reenter them but within a day or 2 they disappear again. I’ve sometimes seen message on the screen when I start my profile that each one is being deleted but sometimes they just aren’t there at all. I’ve added presets with just the screen and I’ve tried adding them through the app. It doesn’t matter they still eventually disappear. The “guest” profile seems to hold its presets like it should.  I’ve deleted my profile and reentered it, that didn’t fix it. I deleted and reinstalled app, no help.  Car is 3 weeks old.  Yes, I’ll take it to the dealer if I can’t get it resolved on my own, in case it’s something simpler or known issue I thought I’d try here first. 



We appreciate you providing these details. We believe our Connection Center Team is in the best position to assist with this specific concern regarding your infotainment system. You can contact them at 877-558-8352 from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Sunday.