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Issues with OnStar, the myChevrolet app (Android version: 6.8.0 (4175) and the online browser app


Is anyone currently having these issues with OnStar, the myChevrolet mobile app or the online browser app?

myChevrolet app (Android version: 6.8.0 (4175)
- Either no data or bogus data (SSID and Password) for "Wi-Fi Hotspot" for both out 2019 Equinox and 2023 Trailblazer. (More > Wi-Fi Hotspot)  NOTE: This consistently happens when I uninstall and reinstall the app, I get no data.
- Missing Trips for our 2023 Trailblazer.  (More > Chevrolet Smart Driver)
- App update. When I updated the myChevrolet mobile app to  6.8.0 (4175), I lost all my saved "Map" addresses. (Map)
- I have multiple Email addresses listed for "Email" "Notification Preferences". 
- I have the same multiple phone models listed for "App" "Notification Preferences. (ie. I have 11 "SM-G975U1" phone models listed. (Home > UL circle > Notification Preferences)
- The "Recommended" "Tire Pressure" "Front" and "Rear" for our 2019 Equinox is incorrect.  It should be "35 psi" for both.  It is incorrectly listed as "34 psi".  (Vehicle Status > Tire Pressure)  NOTE:  I reported this over a year ago and it still is not fixed.  This was correct early in 2022 before an app update.
- No "Widget" - This was removed (didn't work properly) a few updates ago.  Is this going to be restored?
Online app (
- Either bogus data, no data or incorrect Wi-Fi Hotspot data for SSID and Password or I get the message "We’re sorry. There was an error connecting to your vehicle. Please try again later.". This happens mostly for our 2023 Trailblazer. (Vehicle Overview > Vehicle Settings > Wi-Fi Hotspot)
Vehicle Issues (OnStar)
- No "Audio" (radio stations) for added primary User and added Users to our 2019 Equinox (ie. Infotainment Profile and Preferences (Family Sharing))


It seems that only selective posts in this OnStar Community are replied to.  The least you could do is give us some direction as to actually who can respond and then actually fix this issues.  No response is very disrespectful to customers who pay for new and used vehicles and pay for OnStar service.  I have had issues for months with both the myChevrolet app and the browser app and get very little response from Customer Service and Technical Support.  You also do a very poor job of testing (R & D) of your apps before releasing them to customers.