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Infotainment center and On Star not working

New Contributor

Issues started shortly before Christmas with the radio shutting off randomly or becoming unresponsive.  By the time I went to the dealer on 12-26-2023 the infotainment center was completely inoperable.  No radio, no OnStar, no GPS, no Wifi, and so forth.  Dealer stated that a module needed to be replaced but the part was backordered with no ETA.  We are close to the middle of February and there is still no word.  Evidently from other threads this is not an unusual problem.  For a 2023 Traverse, this is a very disappointing and frustrating experience! 



We appreciate you bringing this situation to our attention, John. If you would like an additional layer of communication alongside your dealership regarding the hardware, please email with ATTN: OnStar Community/John_B in the subject headline. Our team is here to assist to the best of our abilities with any part delays and would be happy to provide you with any available updates along the way.