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GM doesn’t know or care how to update 2G to 5G

New Contributor

You’ve GOT to be kidding me!!! GM’s answer to updating is to provide an app for your phone???  Are they that backwards or are they waiting for the gov’t to provide them funding to perform this? It’s not like it happened overnight, they’ve had plenty of time to figure this out.  For goodness sake, everybody else has either provided an automated update or sent a replacement chip!!!  If it’s difficult to install, send the freakin parts to the dealer and send out notices.  This installing an app is not acceptable!!

And by the way, some people don’t have an android or iPhone for an app!!!  I have an older relative who has a flip phone (sigh) and will no longer have the Onstar service available to them!!!

Negligent and lazy. Calling it like I see it!!



Bring it on GM/OnStar. I too, would pay for an upgrade!!!

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I have a 2011 Chevrolet Colorado truck. I have been a loyal GM guy for years, and have paid monthly to OnStar for many years. It's an absolute disgrace that OnStar and GM will not offer a free hardware upgrade to all of our vehicles. They could surely afford this, and it would be a good gesture to their customers who have supported them for many decades.  I had a long conversation with one of the OnStar representatives two days ago about this matter. She told me that the Guardian App would not be able to locate my truck if it had been stolen without my cell phone still being in the truck. Furthermore, OnStar would not be able to unlock my doors if I had locked the keys inside the truck. What a waste this Guardian application is going to be.  I told the OnStar Representative to cancel my OnStar service once the 2G Sunset happens.  

GM's failure to upgrade our vehicles is bad business!

We should start a petition to get GM to upgrade our vehicles so that we can have the full features of OnStar and with our vehicles directly connected to OnStar at all times.

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I think that's a great idea.

New Contributor III

I've made many of my feelings on this matter clear on this in previous post(s), but the one thing I haven't yet said was that I'd like OnStar to explain to us the factors and analysis that drove their decision to leave us all out in the cold.  I'm behind you, JasonDog3.

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Here's the Petition:


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horrible customer service and support from onstar and gm. they should be providing a window for owners to get the upgrades to continue service. i mean i'm $25/mo for each car! now they'll get $0/mo from me for each car!

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I cancelled Onstar 2 days ago. The rep asked if the cancellation was related to the 2G issue and I said most certainly.

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Good job, 13camaroRS!

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Kurt M,

I just signed the petition and paid to promote it. Fingers crossed.