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New Contributor

I recently paid for an Onstar preferred plan when my maps failed me on a trip where I needed the guidance.  I was assured by the tech that I would have access to in-vehicle apps including Alexa Built-In and The Weather Channel.  I have neither of those and very little to choose from when in the Play Store.  I have spoken to 4 Onstar reps to try to resolve this and have received different answers every time.  Three reps have indicated that I should have access to these apps, and one rep said my vehicle is not compatible to receive the app (yet I'm paying for it??).  A definitive answer would be appreciated as would transparency in advertising the services available.  Are they or are they NOT?  I have a 2022 Yukon which, from what I have researched, should have this capability.  Can someone provide a clear answer?  If it requires a reprogram at the dealership, that is fine BUT I would appreciate receiving accurate information for my vehicle.  Otherwise, why I am paying for a preferred plan that doesn't include what is advertised?



Access to downloadable In-Vehicle Apps is dependent on the build of your vehicle. Our team would be more than happy to discuss this with you further and help determine the compatibility of services with your Yukon. Please send us an email to with "ATTN: OS Community/donnab" in the subject line so we can learn more and help in any way we can.

New Contributor II

It sounds frustrating that you're not getting clear answers about the in-vehicle apps promised with your OnStar Preferred plan. Your 2022 Yukon should indeed have access to apps like Alexa Built-In and The Weather Channel. It might be worth escalating this issue with OnStar customer support or visiting your dealership for a reprogram if necessary. Accuracy in advertising and service provision is crucial, especially when you're paying for specific features.