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Cell phone no longer works

New Contributor

I cancelled my On star but now my phone doesn't work while in the car. I have a 2012 Impala. How do I get my phone to work while in my car? Thank you for any help.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Please know OnStar services do differ from your in-vehicle Bluetooth functionality. To connect your mobile device to your 2012 Impala, please review the steps outlined below. For more information on how to pair your mobile device, please visit page 7-21 of your Owner Manual.   

1. Press and hold the phone icon for two seconds. 
2. Say “Bluetooth.”  

3. Say “Pair.” The system responds with instructions and a four‐digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN is used in Step 5. 4. Start the pairing process on the cell phone that you want to pair. For help with this process, see the cell phone manufacturer's user guide. 
5. Locate the device named “Your Vehicle” in the list on the cell phone. Follow the instructions on the cell phone to enter the PIN provided in Step 3. After the PIN is successfully entered, the system prompts you to provide a name for the paired cell phone. This name will be used to indicate which phones are paired and connected to the vehicle. The system responds with “ has been successfully paired” after the pairing process is complete. 
6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 to pair additional phones

New Contributor

Thank you for your reply but I don't want to pair my cell. My onstar account was ended, but now when I want to use my cell phone in the car but my cell phone will not work. Some how onstar in interfering with my phone. How do I maybe unpair me phone to onstar?

Previously, if a Member was enrolled in a Hands-Free Calling plan, calls within your vehicle would be placed through OnStar. As this service is no longer available, a Bluetooth enabled mobile device must be paired to the Bluetooth system and then connected to the vehicle before it can be used. To connect your device, we do recommend following the steps provided above. Please note, the phone icon mentioned can be located within your steering wheel controls. If you continue to experience concerns, please dial (877) 558-8352 to connect with our Connection Center Team. This team will be in the best position to provide additional guidance.