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4G/5G Modem = Size of USB Stick

New Contributor II

So just to show folks a visual example or what responsible companies are doing to retain customers during the 2G shutdown, I got a free replacement wireless modem board from our home alarm company to upgrade the alarm's control module to 4G from 2G. I installed it myself and it was very simple.  Another device we had got an updated modem that looked like a USB thumb drive and plugged into a USB port on the device.  So please tell me why in the world GM/Onstar can't figure out a reasonable, affordable technical solution for their product?  They would rather lose thousands, tens- if not hundreds of thousands of OnStar customers than fix the problem?  Because who would pay for that ridiculous app when iOS and likely Android 13 or 14 will have a safety app detecting crashes.  And roadside assistance is usually cheaper than $15/mo on one's car insurance (although beware, using it can count as a CLUE-reportable claim on one's insurance history which I once learned the hard way!).


New Contributor

I do not understand why Onstar foes not update 2G