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Key fob after 2Gsunset

New Contributor

At present I still have 2G.  If the battery is dead in my key fob, when I try to start my car I’m informed there is no key fob, and I cannot start the car.  What the heck is the workaround for that?  
will the car start because it no longer will expect a fob connection?  Is there a replacement for our present remote keys?              Also can 5G be installed by dealers?



Hi there. While OnStar allows you use the in-app Remote Start feature, OnStar is not needed for key fob programing. If you're experiencing difficulties with your physical key fob, your dealership will be in the best position to assist with a replacement key fob. We can help locate a dealership near you and set up an appointment. Simply email us at including your name, VIN, and zip code. As for the 2G Sunset, it will not impact your physical key fob capability. However, you will not be able to use your in-app key fob as your OnStar hardware will not be capable. We do encourage you to download the OnStar Guardian app. This will allow you to continue using OnStar Safety & Security services. 


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