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2021 Escalade ESV with super cruise upgrade to towing/ lane change/map update

New Contributor

The press release for the trailering/towing upgrade states 2021 Escalades are eligible yet I have never received an option to upgrade. How can I determine if my Escalade is eligible? Also I subscribe to Super cruise services via OnStar, There is no qualifications listed in the plan that limits map updates. How do I know that my Escalade map has been upgraded to reflect the “400,000” mile coverage? Is there a version number? 



Any available Super Cruise updates should be automatically delivered to eligible vehicles through a no-cost vehicle software update. Any 2021-2022 Escalades equipped with Super Cruise are eligible. If you have questions on any available updates for your vehicle, we suggest that you push the blue OnStar button inside and speak with a live advisor with a direct connection to your vehicle for assistance.