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New Contributor II

The pricing for on star is a rip off. When you cancel your on star plan they will tell you you can get it for 19.95. I was charged 40.00 a month for 16 months and never even had the app for on star. The woman then tells me she can lower the price to 19.95 why didn't they do this when I took the suv off the lot?



Hi there. Please know that the special offers available on each Member's account are dynamic and always changing. Our live Advisors are available to explore what offers are available to you. To view our current prices available for each plan, please visit 

New Contributor II

 The pricing plans are always changing when customers cancel their plan. This is still a rip off

New Contributor


Can you please tell me what way customer apply when we cancel plan and then did not pay charges for it?

Can we apply this for cancel plan?

If you would like to view your OnStar billing details at any time, you can log into your GM Account via,,, or If you have additional questions regarding your billing information, please feel free to call 1-(888)-4ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827) to speak with our specialized billing team or send an email to with your subject line as ‘ATTN: OnStar Community/Ashwinod’.