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2020 Chevy Spark 4GLTE Hotspot is Useless

New Contributor

Recently I froze activity on the card I use to autopay OnStar for my monthly 4G LTE Hotspot service. Now I am getting e-mails trying to get me to re-subscribe. I decided to let them know why I would not re-subscribe in an e-mail reply and it was quickly returned informing me that nobody reads replies there.

So... I am posting my e-mail reply here. Let me know your thoughts, please. Thanks.


My e-mail reply to OnStar e-mail solicitation:

The hotspot in my car has never worked, even though I paid for it for several years. It would “connect” but the connections were too slow to be of any use anywhere at any time. I live in the busy, well-populated Dallas area. There’s no question of whether or not I was within reliable service ranges. Downtown Dallas has plenty of reliable 4GLTE towers. My connection speeds were in the Kilobytes per second range – never even one Megabyte per second. I called in for help and nothing they did changed anything. The wireless hotspot in my car is useless. It has ALWAYS been useless. I’m not paying “anything” a month for useless. Honestly, I feel like you, or Chevrolet, should have to replace it with one that actually works, because it was part of my purchase when I bought the car brand new in 2020. I was led to believe that I was buying a car with a working internet hotspot on it and that was not the case. Well, technically it did connect, but who uses any internet thing these days that only requires a 3K/second connection?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Since cellular and wireless network capabilities can impact your in-vehicle Wi-Fi's performance, we recommend reviewing OnStar's Data Coverage Map at to review the coverage availability in your area. Please keep in mind that performance can also vary based on the number of devices connected to your vehicle's hotspot. If you still have concerns about your hotspot's speed or performance after evaluating these factors, we recommend pushing your blue button to speak with OnStar's technical team, as they'll be in the best position to ensure that your hotspot is working to the best of its abilities.

New Contributor

As described in my original post, with regard to coverage, I live in Dallas Texas, and drive in the greater Dallas metro area. I cannot imagine a location more saturated with high-speed coverage than where I live and work. And, as I also described in my original post, I have contacted OnStar and gone through all this with them in an attempt to make things work. They were unable to correct the problem.