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Refusal to send check will not refund

New Contributor

I have since september of this year had Onstar take 513.43 cents out of my checking account and over draft it everytime. I have called and called and called and all I get it oh Im sorry don't know how that is happening. It shows in my transactions on the site that 3 checks have been issued but nope no check has been received. I finally after multiple calls, I had to call my bank and be charged to make sure that Onstar takes no more money. So I am charged to make sure they take no more money out, I haven't received refunds of anything, tells me it takes 30 days well it is well over the 200 days from the last one and still nothing. I am tired of this BS, I guess I have to take legal action as you guys have caused my account to sit in the negative as I wasn't a subscriber and you managed to take money out of my account as I didn't budget for something I didn't have and only offer me 2 free months. Is there any way to get my refund faster now that I have had 3 times and no refunds and removed my bank information cause you guys have ruined my account and added in a different card. What do I need to do to get my money back not 30 days from now, I want it back immediately, it took you seconds to take it out. I hope you guys aren't screwing anyone else out. but it's hard when I am a student and single mom to understand why you think this is ok, I can't afford it. I want my money back now. I call and get the BS spill of oh it is coming and oh i will check into it and call you back. Nothing I want this fixed; my bills haven't been paid due to your unprofessionalism.



Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Casey. We would like to take a further look into your situation on our end. So we may check-in on your account, kindly email with "ATTN: OnStar Community/CaseyM" in the subject headline. We will keep an eye out for your reply in the meantime.