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Please contact me at 407-504- 8505. Need my monthly charges reviewed

Getting unexpected server error on my Chevy app

Good evening,for the past 2 hours, I have been unable to get into my Chevy app. I either get unexpected server error or unable to retrieve account details. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled. I also tried it on another device, same issue. Please h...

Ahoag76 by New Contributor
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Remote Access stopped working with Google Assistant

I set this up last week to work with my Google Assistant.Had it set up to start my truck or lock my truck with routines and voice commands. Also had it set to lock my truck with a bedtime routine, and start my truck with a good morning routine.These ...

GM website n Onstar Email Notification

My credit card for OnStar services was on file, but it was hacked. I tried calling the number on the email message that said my credit card was invalid. I followed the link, changed my password, because it wouldn’t take my password saved on my comput...

Sandee by New Contributor
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Theft alarm notifications no longer by phone

Looking to see if anyone else has experienced this problem. My alarm system no longer calls my phone but only emails and texts me. This always worked fine when I test my alarm occasionally. I have written a letter to OnStar and called half a dozen ti...

samgauto by New Contributor
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Incorrect OnStar service prompt

I have a 2017 Volt and have appreciated the occasional OnStar service prompts (via email) over the years. I recently received two messages, back to back. The first was regarding low tire pressure, which I happily addressed. The second identified a pr...

mrd by Visitor
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Red Light on OnStar Button

I have a week old 2022 Sierra SLT Texas Edition Premium Plus. The OnStar button has a red light lit. Doesnt work. Called OnStar and they don’t know. Anyone else experience this and know how to resolve. Thanks K

kdulf123 by New Contributor II
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My Vin doesn't come up when check my 2013 Cameron zl1

12 by Visitor
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2017 GMC Canyon Onstar Issue

My 2017 GMC Canyon does not appear to have an OnStar Connection, I called support as the MyGMC app was not functioning. I contacted support and they advised me that they wouldn't be able to help as the light on my mirror was not on. Does anyone have ...